J Prozac & Friends - Hey Hey Ole !

by J Prozac & Friends

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You are all welcome to post it anyway you would like....youtube, bandcamp...whatever works! Free to download and all that is cool!

The point is to show Ole and Kristin as much love as possible around the world in our little pop punk lives!

And thanks for being so generous with his talented art!


released May 15, 2015

(written by J Prozac & arranged by J, Scotty Blood & J Blood)

J Prozac - Vocals/guitar/percussion
J Blood - Guitars (Stiletto Bomb)
Scotty Blood - Bass (Stiletto Bomb)
Karl Ourand - Guitar (Engineer at Plummer's Mines Studio)
Hansel - Vocals ( Evil O'Brians)




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Track Name: Hey Hey Ole !
Hey, Hey Ole!"

Hey hey hey have you heard?
Ole O'Brian is getting married

What what what what's the word?
We're all so happy, very, very. ..
Excited for you...
Hope all your dreams come true...
Here's a couple chords and best wishes from your punk rock family... From sea to shining sea...
We raise or glass for you....
May this last a lifetime thru...
You put your heart out for us misfits and us punks...
You've lent your talents to us all...
And we thank you...
And wish the best in everything you do.

Hey hey hey have you heard?
Ole and Kristin are getting married.
I I I I don't know her...
I'm sure she rocks and is very, very...

Excited too...
Hope all your dreams come true...
"Repeated "

Bridge :

And if there's anyone who can draw a perfect picture of your lives...Ole we know it's you. - J Prozac 2015